Why your Business Needs a Website

You probably have a small business, and you’re thinking about does my business needs a website. This is a common question for a lot of small business owners. And many believe that online presence is only for more prominent companies. You need to check the advantages that a website provides to your business. The internet has been impacting everyone’s lives nowadays. Everyone is using the internet every day. Thus, there are countless growth opportunities for your business if you strategize.

How can I grow my Business Online?

There is so much room to boost your online business visibility. One of which is through social media. Also, building an excellent website is another powerful way. On top of that, leveraging SEO optimization is another helpful strategy.  

How can your Website Help your Business Grow?

Here are six reasons why you should invest in a website for your business:


1. 24/7 Online Presence and Customer Support

Accessibility is one of the advantages when you have a website. Even if your physical store is already closed, there is still a place where target customers or clients can check on it. Also, by investing in a user-friendly website, you can help visitors find the information they need before purchasing. Another website benefit is that it provides 24/7 customer support. Having online support for customers is cost-effective since you don’t need to hire someone to make inquiries. While there are many ways businesses use to harness this online customer support, two of the most effective methods are:

  • Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) – Often, every website has a portion presenting the possible questions that visitors may ask. Also, they provide a possible answer to these questions.
  • ChatBot – This is another effective way where you use artificial intelligence to cater to possible inquiries. You create template answers to potential concerns from visitors. Using chatbots allows visitors to learn relevant data like signing-up procedures and more information about services/products.

2. Information Exchange

GE Capital Retail Bank states that 81% of shoppers conduct online research before purchasing. Also, this is the new trend where most retail consumers start their journey with online research. Wouldn’t it be a problem if consumers are researching online and you don’t have an online presence? Well, the consumer will not find your business. Thus, you missed an opportunity. This is one of the reasons why your business needs a website. You need to have an avenue to provide accessible information to customers. In addition, your website will be a medium of communication. On top of that, your website exchanges data in the following ways:

  • Providing customers with the latest offers on products and services
  • Informational newsletters that inform customers about upcoming events and news
  • Forms for customers to submit inquiries or requests


3. Establish Credibility and Build Trust

Credibility is one of the things that consumers always check before they purchase. And with a website, you can show your brand’s credibility. How? Neil Patel said there are four types of credibility. These are:

  • Presumed Credibility ~ An example of this is when consumers heard about your business from a guest post on Forbes. Or, it can be an interview from a podcast.
  • Reputed Credibility ~ Reputed is like an unbiased referral from a third party. This can be a referral from family, friends, or co-workers who have had a positive experience with your website.
  • Surface Credibility ~ On the surface, credibility is the visitor’s subjective opinion of your website. An example is when you post great content. And this content enables visitors to convert.
  • Earned Credibility ~ This type of credibility is where website visitors have had a positive experience with your website. For instance, the visitor needs expert advice and got it through your website FAQs or Chatbot.

4. Professional Web Design

In capturing the interest of your target audience and website visitors, you need to have a catchy website. It is a website that does not only serve its purpose but is also unique in design. The design of your website is also vital since the majority get bored quickly. A website that provides exceptional features and is user-friendly will encourage visitors to stay and eventually buy from you.

5. Sales and Marketing

A website increases your business’s accessibility exponentially. With your online presence, your business will be accessible worldwide. As a result, websites enable companies to break geographical barriers and increase sales significantly. You can reach a massive audience by promoting your business online. And optimizing your website with SEO allows boosting your site. Therefore, it will be visible on to search engine results page. In addition, when you optimize your website, you can make it appear on a Search Engine whenever people search using a keyword.

6. Growth Opportunity

Websites serve as portfolios or resumes for a business. In addition, companies can take advantage of this since the website can serve as a reference for potential investors. You can provide them with information about your services, your achievements so far, as well as your business plans.

Do I need a website for my business?

Now, let’s go back to the main question. Do you need a website for your business? With the top 6 importance I mentioned above, the answer is definitely YES! And if you’re wondering who can help you with this thing, reach out to experts such as web developers and web designers. And if you want SEO optimization, hire an SEO specialist. Hiring a virtual professional is a cost-effective way to start your website project. And onboarding them can be challenging, especially if you’re new to hiring a remote employee. Good thing Surge Digital Agency is here to assist you with these things. You can send an email to grace@surgedigital.agency, and we’re thrilled to be helping your business scale up. 



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