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The Purple Journey

  • Entry Level
  • Perfect for anyone without work experience, no freelancing experience

The Blue Journey

  • Intermediate Level
  • Great for anyone with some work experience but no freelancing experience

The Gold Journey

  • Expert Level
  • Ideal for anyone with some work experience and with some freelancing experience

Administrative Virtual Assistant F2F Training

1-Day Face-to-Face Training
Every last Saturday of the month

Early Bird Price

P750 - Discounted Promo Price

Masterclass Virtual Assistant (MVA) Certification Program

10-Day Blended Program
5 Days Face-to-Face; 5 Days Online

Early Bird Price

P2,500 - Discounted Promo Price

Masterclass Social Media Management and Marketing Course

10-Day Blended Program
5 Days Face-to-Face; 5 Days Online

Early Bird Price

P2,500 - Discounted Promo Price

WordPress Web Development

10-Day Blended Program
5 Days Face-to-Face; 5 Days Online

Early Bird Price

P5,000 - Discounted Promo Price
P7,000 - Original Price

Online Bookkeeping using QuickBooks Course

10-Day Blended Program
5 Days Face-to-Face; 5 Days Online

Early Bird Price

P3,000 - Discounted Promo Price

Course Completion and Certification Upon successfully completing the Curriculum, you will receive a certification acknowledging your proficiency in the skills and knowledge required to excel as a modern virtual assistant. This certification will help you stand out in the competitive freelancing market and increase your chances of securing high-quality clients.

“Enroll today and embark on your journey towards a successful virtual assistant career!”

Administrative Virtual Assistant (AVA) Training


Virtual Assistant Overview
Administrative Tasks
Document Management
Email Management
Calendar Management
Appointment Setting
Lead and Prospect Generation
Travel Arrangement
Project Management Overview
Communication and Client Management
VA Resume
VA Application Letter
VA Portfolio
VA 1-Min. Video Intro
Creating VA Profiles in Upwork and Online Jobs
Applying in Upwork and Online Jobs
Getting Hired Techniques and Strategies


1-Day Face-to-Face Training
Every last Saturday of the month

Masterclass Virtual Assistant (MVA) Certification Program​ Training


Day 1

– Introduction to administrative tasks
– File management and organization
– Time management techniques

– Efficient email sorting and filtering
– Managing email communication
– Creating email templates for common tasks

– Scheduling appointments and meetings
– Syncing calendars across platforms
– Managing multiple time zones

– Transcribing audio and video content
– Editing and proofreading transcriptions
– Tools and software for transcription

– Identifying potential clients or leads
– Lead generation strategies
– Creating prospect lists

Day 2

– Introduction to project management tools
– Task assignment and tracking
– Collaboration with clients and team members

– Customer relationship management basics
– Managing client databases
– CRM software overview

Day 3

– Introduction to bookkeeping
– Tracking income and expenses
– Using bookkeeping software

– Leveraging social media platforms for marketing
– Creating and scheduling social media content
– Social media analytics

Day 4

– Basic website maintenance
– Content updates and website security
– Website hosting and domain management

– Understanding SEO principles
– SEO tools and analysis
– On-page and off-page SEO techniques

Day 5

– Providing excellent customer service
– Handling customer inquiries and complaints
– Building long-term client relationships

– Introduction to telemarketing
– Cold calling techniques
– Telemarketing compliance and ethics

Day 6

– Branding basics for freelancers
– Defining your unique value proposition
– Creating a brand identity

– Choosing the right freelancing platforms
– Setting up your profiles
– Creating an attractive freelancer profile

Day 7

– Crafting a professional resume for virtual assistant roles
– Highlighting your skills and experiences
– Tailoring your resume for specific job applications

– Writing effective job proposals
– Customizing proposals for different clients
– Showcase your skills and value proposition

– Interview preparation tips
– Handling common interview questions
– Demonstrating your virtual assistant expertise

Day 8

– Payment options for freelancers
– Invoicing and payment tracking
– Ensuring secure and timely payments

– Building a portfolio to showcase your work
– Highlighting successful projects
– Presenting your skills and abilities effectively

– Packaging your virtual assistant services
– Pricing strategies and structures
– Offering packages to attract clients

Day 9

– Strategies for finding and reaching potential clients
– Networking and building relationships
– Marketing your virtual assistant business

Day 10

– Applying in Freelancing Platforms
– Reaching out to Leads




Another amazing batch is virtual assistants who have gained skills in general virtual assistance tasks, social media management and marketing, websites, SEO, real estate virtual assistance and digital marketing. All these skills learned in order for them to be competitive — in just 5 full days!!!

Wonderful right?

If you want to spend 5-10 days to gain skills in #freelancing, sign up for our in-person training programs:

Masterclass Social Media Management and Marketing Course


– Introduction to Social Media
– Creating an Effective Social Media Strategy

– Social Media Content marketing, Creation and Curation
– Social Media Management & Marketing Tools and Resources

– Community Management and Customer Service in Social Media
– Advertising and Paid Promotion on Social Media

– Influencer Marketing and Partnerships
– Crisis Management and Reputation Management

– Social Media Trends and Innovation
– Video Marketing for Social Media

Lesson 1: Building Your Portfolio
Showcasing social media management skills through a professional portfolio

Lesson 2: Marketing Your Services
Creating an effective marketing strategy to attract clients
Networking and leveraging online platforms for business growth

Lesson 3: Getting Hired as a Social Media Manager
Creating a VA resume, and application letter
Applying in freelancing platforms and VA agencies
Proposals, discovery call, and pitches
Onboarding process guide



WordPress Web Development


– Introduction to WordPress
– Setting Up a WordPress site
– Basic WordPress Setting

– Creating Content
– Managing Media

– SEO and Analytics
– Forms and Contact Pages
– Performance and Security

– Advanced Customization
– Preparing for Launch
– Post-Launch Management

Bonus Lesson 1: Freelancing Resume, Application Letter, and Portfolio
Bonus Lesson 2: Freelancing Applications
Bonus Lesson 3: Marketing your Web Dev Services



Online Bookkeeping using QuickBooks Course


Lesson 1: Introduction to QuickBooks
Lesson 2: Navigating QuickBooks
Lesson 3: Chart of Accounts
Lesson 4. Recording Financial Transactions
Lesson 5. Invoicing and Receivables
Lesson 6. Payables and Expenses
Lesson 7. Payroll Management
Lesson 8. Inventory Management
Lesson 9. Reports and Analysis
Lesson 10. Tax Compliance
Lesson 11. Customization and Advanced Features
Lesson 12. QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop
Lesson 13. Integrations and Add-Ons
Lesson 14. Troubleshooting and Common Issues
Lesson 15. Ethics and Compliance

Bonus Lessons:
Lesson 1: Getting Hired as a Virtual Assistant
Lesson 2: Client Communication and Collaboration
Lesson 3: QuickBooks ProAdvisor Certification Guide



This F2F (Face-to-Face) hands-on training includes:

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