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What are the courses included?

1. Freelancing Course
2. Basic Virtual Assistance Course
3. Social Media Management and Marketing Course
4. Search Engine Optimization Course
5. Real Estate Virtual Assistance Course
6. Digital Marketing Course
7. Amazon Course
8. Brand Marketing and Advertising Course
9. Business and Product Development Course
10. Chatbot Management and Marketing Course
11. Customer Services, Sales and Support Course
12. English for Freelancers Course
13. Facebook Ads Marketing Course
14. Graphics Design Course
15. Human Resource Management Course
16. Social Media Advertising Course (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok ,and Snapchat)
17. Project Management Course
18. Shopify Course
19. Supply Chain Management Course
20. Video Editing Course
21. Web Design Course
22. Data Analytics Course
23. Introduction to Social Media
24. Basic Facebook Marketing
25. Introduction to Facebook Ads
26. Resume & Cover letter Creation
27. Introduction to Content Creation
28. The Winning Job Interview Course
29. Administrative and Office Management
30. Basic Sales & Marketing Techniques
31. Time Management for Freelancers
32. How To Speak Well On Camera With Confidence
33. Public Speaking
34. Effective Communication for Freelancers
35. Property Management for Professionals
36. Social Media for Real Estate
37. Getting Hired in BPO Starter Course
38. Basic Website Creation and Design
39. Chatbot Marketing Mini-Course
40. Online Teaching Course
41. Online School Management Course
42. Familiarizing Google Apps Course
43. Data Analytics Mini Course
44. Email Marketing Mini Course
45. Online Bookkeeping Course using QuickBooks
A total value of P100,000+ now you can avail for only P699/month (if paid from 1st-15th of the month); P799/month (if paid from 16th-31st) or P6,500 for the whole year (if paid from 1st-15th of the month); P7,500 a year (if paid from 16th-31st of the month)!!!
Notes:  Once CERTIFIED, you can avail of our training to hiring program.

How to avail?

1. Pay

2. Register your enrollment below. (under in-depth courses and mini-courses, click the premium membership option), payment info is also already here.

3. Wait 12-24 hours for verification.

4. Access to all 45 courses!
This is the best time to #Surge! Avail now and learn, upskill and position yourself to more #freedomandflexibility in life. We are committed to support you all the way!


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