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About Us

Surge is an FVA Business Consultancy Corporation company, a tech social empowerment enterprise dedicated to improving the quality of life, commerce, and sustainability. It is the world’s first one-stop freelancing marketplace providing online courses, online services, and freelancing solutions.

Surge Freelancing Marketplace is the world’s one-stop freelancing marketplace where companies and independent contractors can meet and find training, services, and solutions.

Join the digital wave...

In today’s world and age, many business owners and enterprises are lost. They are having difficulties in reaching this digital generation using traditional marketing and operational tactics.

Surge Digital Services is here to help brands:

  • Establish their voice to the community they want to serve
  • Find solutions to achieve sustainable growth
  • Force an impact to people’s lives and systems

Surge means “a sudden powerful forward or upward movement,” it is our desire to see a Surge in every brand’s voice, ROI and impact.

Surge Digital Marketplace Services
Surge Digital Marketplace Services

With Surge Digital Services, we can grow through your existing and new markets!

Our Digital Services

General Virtual Assistance

Real Estate Virtual Assistance

Social Media Management & Marketing

Social Media Content Creation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)​

Online Bookkeeping & Accounting

Clickfunnels Building & Management

Project Management

Email Marketing

E-Commerce: Shopify, Ebay, Amazon

Video Creation, Editing & Marketing

Web Design and Web Development

Online Writing, Editing & Content Marketing

Graphics Design

Customer Service Phone & Chat Support

Brand Marketing & Advertising

Lead Generation

Human Resource Management​

Business & Product Development

Facebook Ads Marketing

Digital Marketing

Online Accounting

Chatbot Marketing

IG, Tiktok,Snapchat Ads Marketing

General Legal & Medical Transcriptions

We also provide corporate training services for these topics both online and in-person.

How It Works?

Client Testimonials

Some of our clients...

Local Clients

International Clients

Meet the Team


Grace Locsin


Micah Beaumia

Marketing Manager

Charish Herida

Client Success Manager


Jay Locsin



John Prudente

Business Manager

Why Surge Services?

Personalized Assistance

We personalize our digital services to your business needs.

Competitive Pricing

We offer fair and friendly pricing.

Variety of Digital Services

We are a one-stop-shop of digital services: training, services, solutions

Quality Service

We provide services that truly matters to you and your business goals.

How to Start?

Click below and let share how we can help you best.

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