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Freelancing Coaches


Margareth Mary Angeli Serrano ​

Surge Main

Kathy Lim-Cabradilla

South Luzon

Dang Bricca


Rizelle Anne Galvez

Metro Manila

Lei Gatchalian


Rhea Fandida Moerike


Gabriel Angelo M. Lucero

Eastern Mindanao

Social Media In-Depth Coaches


Hershey Victoria

Surge Main

Kathy Lim-Cabradilla

South Luzon

Irish Miraflor

Central Visayas

Facebook Ads Marketing Coaches

Kathy Lim-Cabradilla

South Luzon

Business Management Coaches

Shey Velasquez

Business and Product Development and Project Management Course Trainer

Pi Villareal

Human Resource Management Course Trainer

Marketing & Sales Coaches

Hershey Victoria

Digital Marketing and SEO In-Depth Course Trainer

Jay Locsin

Real Estate Virtual Assistance Course Trainer

Shey Velasquez

Brand Marketing and Advertising Course Trainer

Hershey Victoria

Chatbot Marketing and Management Course Trainer

Dang Bricca

Amazon Course Trainer

Liza Barbasan

Shopify Course Trainer

Finance & Accounting Coaches

Jenn San Pedro

Online Accounting and Online Bookkeeping Course Trainer

Creative & Advertising Coaches

coach grace

Julmar Grace Locsin, MAED

Web design Course Trainer

Kathy Lim-Cabradilla

Facebook Ads Marketing Course Trainer

Shey Velasquez

Video Editing Course Trainer

Hershey Victoria

Intensive Ads Course Trainer

Lovely Canoy

Graphics Design Course Trainer

Speech & Advertising Coaches

Hershey Victoria

Customer Services, Sales and Support Course Trainers

Margareth Mary Angeli Serrano

Freelancing (Virtual Assistant) and English for Freelancers Course Trainer

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