Surge Freelancing Success Story

Surge Freelancing Success Story : How Surge Graduate Earns More than P100K+ a Month

Today I will share a Surge freelancing success story that one of Surge’s graduates is experiencing. The same with many freelancers, she started from zero and experienced failures. However, it did not stop her from pursuing freelancing. And before she reached a year as a freelancer, she had already earned six digits a month! Read more to know how she did it.

How did she start freelancing?

It was during the pandemic, and she had a corporate job. She was exhausted from the daily commute and wished to have a job near her home. Back in the day, she had no idea what virtual assistance was, and all she needed was a job near her home because she had a kid and a family to take care of.

When she saw an ad from Surge, she checked the Surge Marketplace Page (formerly FVA). She was inspired by the Surge freelancing success story of one of the graduates. So, she enrolled in the Surge Social Media In-Depth Course without hesitation. It’s unclear whether she will benefit from social media. But she enrolled freelancing course, took the virtual assistant training, did her assignments, and finished it with flying colors.

What happened after she graduated Surge SMM Course?

Because of her fears and worries, she did not immediately start freelancing. Instead, she applied and got hired as an accountant for another company near her home. But she did not forget about freelancing. After a year, she remembered freelancing and checked her OnlineJobs.Ph account.

The Beginning of Her Freelancing Success Story

When she checked her profile on OnlineJobs.Ph, she found out clients had already contacted her, even though she had not applied. So, she started sending proposals in January 2022 even though she still has a corporate job. She still needs to get a laptop. All she has is a mobile phone and the courage to pursue freelancing. She sent numerous applications and failed. Yet, she did not give up, and after a month, she got hired by her first-ever client.

Her first rate was $5/hour, part-time. By March 10, 2022, she got another 1 full-time and 1 part-time job on the same day. So she got 4 clients at that time with her corporate job in the day. Because of the heavy workload, she outsourced some projects with her husband and sister. After 2 months of sleepless nights, she finally resigned from her corporate job and did freelancing full-time!

At that time, she is earning P100K+ in just one client. And below one year, she was a Top Rated Freelancer on Upwork.

How Surge Marketplace Helped Her Freelancing Success?

Surge Freelancing Success Story

Tooking the Surge virtual assistant course was a great help, according to her. Her investment really produced excellent results, and she is indebted to it. Another thing, clients check her social media profiles and offer her work. Thanks to the optimization hack that she learned from the training.

The course was different from her niche right now because she’s doing bookkeeping. However, it was a stepping stone in starting her freelancing and achieving her goals.

Her story was the same as many of you. You have many struggles in the corporate world, and you stay because of your fears and worries. This is normal. However, you only need the courage to leave your comfort zone and discover your potential.

Consider freelancing because this is your fastest route to success. Who knows? You might discover the fantastic perks of freelancing. And eventually, the same with Surge graduates, freelancing will revolutionize and change your life for the better.

I hope this inspires you to decide now. And if you need help figuring out what, where, and how to start, allow Surge Marketplace to help you live the life you’re dreaming of. Visit this link if you’re interested:





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