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Freelancing Apprenticeship and Hiring Referral

This is an avenue where you can practice your freelancing expertise and get online job experience and certification. This freelancing apprenticeship is open to all!

Freelancing Apprenticeship Program

You will be assisting Surge Marketplace and other businesses with hands-on tasks. You will work remotely, just like a real freelancer. The purpose of this freelancing apprenticeship program is to allow you to help with real-time operations while enhancing your skills, confidence, and experience in the process. We aspire not just to polish your online job skills but also to sharpen your work ethic so you can be ready for freelancing success.

The Surge Marketplace Apprenticeship Program Schedule/Timeline:

Online Apprenticeship: 2 weeks (40 hours per Week)

  • Week 1: Work with Surge/Clients as your Employer
  • Week 2: Finalizing portfolio, DISC test, SpeechAce Test, IQ Test, 1-minute Video Introduction, English Communication and Grammar Training, Interview Tips

Here are the Surge Apprenticeship Journey

– Executive Assistant (Should be a graduate of MVA Program)
– Social Media and Marketing (Should be a graduate of MVA Program; SMM In-depth Course)
– Medical Virtual Assistant (Should be a graduate of MVA Program + medical degree + experience working in a hospital or doctor)
– Online Bookkeeping (Should be a graduate of Online Bookkeeping In-Depth Course)
– CSR (Should be a graduate of MVA Program; Customer Service In-Depth Course)
– Search Engine Optimization (Should be a graduate of SEO In-Depth Course)

Your Learning


Apprenticeship Opportunities

Virtual Assistance

  • Data Entry
  • Transcription
  • Appointment setting and calendar management
  • Email and Project Management
  • Forms and File Management

Social Media

  • Social Media Accounts Creation and Optimization
  • Social Media Content Planning and Creation
  • Social Media Marketing Campaign Plan
  • Scheduling and Posting Social Media Content
  • Organic Social Media Marketing

Marketing And Sales

  • SEO Optimizations
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Basic Email Marketing
  • Basic Facebook Ads Marketing
  • Customer Services, Sales & Support
  • Online Writing and Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • YouTube Optimization
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

Creative And Advertising

  • Graphics Design
  • Video Creation and Editing
  • Facebook Ads Marketing
  • Simple Web Design
  • Intensive Ads
  • Podcast Set up and Editing

Apprenticeship Duty Requirement, Fee and Perks:

Surge Marketplace will provide a Certificate of Apprenticeship for those who have completed the program successfully. Issuance should be at least 15 days after the freelancing apprenticeship month.

  • Online Apprenticeship: 2 weeks (40 hours per Week)
    Week 1: Work with Surge/Clients as your Employer
    Week 2: Finalizing portfolio, DISC test, SpeechAce Test, IQ Test, 1-minute Video Introduction, English Communication and Grammar Training, Interview Tips
  • Apprenticeship and Hiring Referral fee
    Before: P2500
    Now: P1500

Each will be rated according to the following performance ratings:

  • Timeliness: 5 points
    – Ability to meet deadline
    – 3-6 hours no communication/ responses turn-around time
    – Not causing bottlenecks
    – No need to be always being reminded
  • Quality: 5 points
    – No mistakes in grammar, spelling, branding representation
    – No NFI in posting, responding, emailing
    – Personalized approaches with work and clients
  • Tardiness: 5 points
    – Not less hours of work daily indicated in the contract of required number of hours
    – Not late in coming to in-person work
    – Not late in meetings
  • Godliness in Work Ethics 5 points
    – Proactive
    – Team player
    – Incoming-generating ideas
    – Friendly
    – Responsive
    – Professional
  • Excellent Spirit 5 points
    – No absences
    – No tardies
    – No delays
    – Work in quality

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does this Freelancing Internship Works?

Who Can Avail?

  • Open to all Surge Marketplace students who availed the paid apprenticeship, and completed the Purple and Blue Journeys who wants to gain their freelancing experience.

How long is the Apprenticeship?

  • Online Apprenticeship:
    – 2 weeks (40 hours per Week)

When will I start the Apprenticeship?

  • Freelancing apprenticeships will be scheduled for signups per batch.

What are the Requirements?

Important Reminders

1. Surge Marketplace has no monetary obligations to an intern.

2. All outputs will be Surge Marketplace’s (or the client’s) property. You can, however, use the copy for your portfolios.

3. Make sure all contents are copyright-free. Surge Marketplace will not be liable for any copyright issues.

4. You will be working with Surge Operations: main, franchisees, and other real and existing local and international businesses. No fear, though; we will be there for the whole process, assisting in everything.

5. All applicants cannot choose tasks. You should be ready to serve clients based on what you learned from the course:
– General Virtual Assistant Tasks: Emails and Files Management, Lead Generation, Transcriptions, Calendar Management and Appointment Setting
– Social Media Management and Marketing
– Simple Website Creation, Optimization and Management
– Optimizing SEO in Articles
– Search Engine Optimization: On-page and Off-Page
– Email Marketing
– Facebook Ads
– YouTube Channel and Video Optimization

* Other application tasks under your specific training maybe be added

6. There will be times that we will all work on a task as a team. There will be times when 1-2 people will be assigned to specific tasks. This is why the scheduled meetings are important. This is also our way of guiding you on what to do and how to do it. Again, we will not leave you alone; we will be by your side as you provide virtual assistance.

7. If you are not ready yet because you need to review or your schedule does not allow you, you can sign up for the next batch.

8. We do not recommend that you leave your availed slot, especially when the program has already started. The paid program will be consumed. You can re-apply to any of the available apprenticeship batches by submitting a new application, with the added fee for the applicable apprenticeship program rates.

9. We will set a limited task per batch. 35 tasks for online setup and 15 tasks for in-person setup

How The Freelancing Apprenticeship Program Is Helping Surge Marketplace Students

"One thing that I am very thankful for in my journey here in FVA is during my Apprenticeship Program. I have learned from my mentor to not just reply to messages just for the sake of a reply. Make it your chance to sell yourself every time. “Always make a prompt reply to client”, I learned these tips from Coach Grace and I was praised by my client because of it."
Marvin Gorres
"Hi Coach Grace, I’m so delighted because my first day on my first job ends well today with a good comment from the boss, I did what you and coach Jay teach us from apprenticeship which is doing a daily report to keep track and I did it today and sent him and he so happy because he been in this industry and none of his VA done it. 🙂 he so happy about it and ask other VA to do it start today also and I will be getting more jobs because of doing it. 🙂 Thank you so much, Coaches!"
Jenny Evans
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Be A Surge Marketplace Freelancing Intern Today!

We look forward to having you. THIS IS OPEN TO ALL. We trust that this will not only launch you to many opportunities but also boost your freelancing success. We will be honored and blessed to have you! Happy freelancing!

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