VA Agency Startup Course


Enrollment options at discounted prices:

Enrollment options at discounted prices:

Enrollment options at discounted prices:
Training Videos Only
—> P15,000 – Early Bird Price (July 1-15)
P20,000 – Discounted Promo Price (July 16-31)

Training Videos and VA Agency Templates
—> P20,000 – Early Bird Price (July 1-15)
P25,000 – Discounted Promo Price (July 16-31)

Training Videos, VA Agency Templates, and 5 sessions of 31-minute 121s
—> P25,000 – Early Bird Price (July 1-15)
P30,000 – Discounted Promo Price (July 16-31)


INCLUSIVE: Online Certification upon Completion of the Required Portfolios, 3 months to be certified; Learning Groups; 24/7 Email Support; Coach Assistance;

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What you'll learn

Training Coverage:

CS1: The VA Agency Business Plan
CS2: Producers and Consumers
CS3: Branding and Online Setup
CS4: Online Sales and Marketing
CS5: Virtual Assistant Setup and Management
CS6: Client Setup and Management
CS7: Business Registration and Taxes Guide
CS8: Financial Management
CS9: Tech Tools
CS10: Human Resource

Bonus Lessons:

  • Crafting your Client Marketing Pitch
  • Crafting your VA service package
  • Client Acquisition: Lead Generation¬†
  • Digital Marketing Guide for your VA Agency¬†
  • Risk and Crisis Management

– SWOT Analysis
– Business Branding
– VA Contract
– Client Contract
– Client Invoicing
– Lead Generation
– Human Resource Philosophy
– Organization Chart
– VA Incentives and Benefits Canned Emails
– Onboarding, Orientation, and Training Canned Emails
– VA KPIs and Reporting Canned Emails
– VA SOPs Canned Emails
– Task Delegation, Team, and Project Management Canned Emails
– VA Communication, and Productivity Tools Canned Emails
– VA Payments Canned Emails


Julmar Grace Locsin

CEO, FVA Coach, and Course Trainer

*Social Media In-Depth Course
*SEO In-Depth Course
*Digital Marketing Course

*Masters in Education – University of Mindanao
*Doctorate in Education [paused, lacking dissertation] – University of Mindanao
*Masters in Entrepreneurship [on-going] – Asian Institute of Management

*15 years in administration
*10 years in freelancing
*5 years in outsourcing
*5 years in coaching
*15 years in teaching, keynote speaking, and training

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