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Full Course with Coaching
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With Mentoring
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Limited to 50 slots only for both types of access!

Are you curious about how to get paid as a Social Media Manager? You can leverage SMM in-depth course to your virtual assistance career! This course will also help marketers and businesses build an online presence and learn innovative strategies to cope with digital opportunities.

Millions are shifting to online jobs today. It is the future of work. One gets to earn BIG fast with the right focus and determination. Surge Marketplace is devoted to YOUR success, so we pray this promo will HELP you and your family.

  • You have a Coach guiding you throughout the process!
  • Step-by-step lessons
  • Complete Curriculum: Set up and #skills training
  • 24/7 online access to lessons
  • Group collaboration
  • Live sessions
  • Recorded sessions
  • Freelancing family
  • Lifetime support
  • One of the lowest freelancing courses in the market with lots of contents
  • No hidden marketing tricks
  • Proven results: 1-2 Surge Marketplace students are hired daily!
  • The Surge Marketplace Heart: Our mission is your success. Our reward is to see you and your family flourish.

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What you'll learn

Training Coverage:

  • Social Media Basics: Creating Social Media Audit and Plan, Business Branding, Social Media Targeting and Campaigns and Social Media Contents
  • Facebook Management and Marketing
  • Twitter Management and Marketing
  • LinkedIn Management and Marketing
  • Instagram Management and Marketing
  • Pinterest Management and Marketing
  • Social Media Overall Management and Marketing Campaign Plan
  • Social Media Manager Branding
  • Getting Hired and Getting Paid
  • How to Earn 100k Monthly as a Social Media Manager
  • Bonus Lesson – How to Build your Freelancing Empire
  • New – YouTube Management and Marketing
  • New – TikTok Management and Marketing

Course Content

This Course includes:

  • 17 recorded sessions
  • Learning teams
  • Lifetime assistance
  • With online certification after course completion


Irish M. Oldham

-Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication major in Journalism from the University of San Jose-Recoletos
-Associate of Computer Science from the University of San Carlos

Freelancing Expertise: Content Marketing (Social Media and Copy Writing)


– Licensed Real Estate Broker
– Digital Marketing Professional
– Coach for Surge’s SMM
– Communications Trainer
– Business Owner
– Former Media Practitioner

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