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Option A: 2-Week Online Program
1st Week: Online Learning
2nd Week: Online Meetings (MWF)
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Option B: 10-Day Blended Program
5 Days Face-to-Face; 5 Days Online
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MVA Schedule!

  • MVA 5-Day (Morning School F2F Training) – 8am-12pm
  • MVA 5-Day (Afternoon School F2F Training) – 1pm-5pm
  • MVA 5- Day (Night School F2F Training) – 6pm-10pm

Are you new to virtual assistance? This course is an all-in-one starter course for #newbies who want to start virtual assistance from scratch to success.

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  • You have a Coach guiding you throughout the process!
  • Step-by-step lessons
  • Complete Curriculum: Set up and skills training
  • Group collaboration
  • Live sessions
  • Video Lessons
  • Freelancing family
  • Lifetime support
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  • No hidden marketing tricks
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What you'll learn

Course Overview: The MVA Curriculum is a comprehensive program designed to equip aspiring virtual assistants with the essential skills, knowledge, and strategies to excel in the freelancing world. From administrative tasks to client acquisition, this two-week course covers a wide range of topics to prepare you for a successful career as a virtual assistant.

Training Coverage:

Week One: Skill Certification In this first week, you’ll build a solid foundation by mastering a variety of skills that are in high demand in the virtual assistant industry.

  • Administrative Tasks
  • Email Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Transcription
  • Lead and Prospect Generation
  • Project Management
  • CRM Management
  • Online Bookkeeping
  • Social Media for Business
  • Website Management
  • Search Engine Optimization for Businesses
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Telemarketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Ads for Business


Day 1

  • Administrative Tasks

– Introduction to administrative tasks
– File management and organization
– Time management techniques

  • Email Management

– Efficient email sorting and filtering
– Managing email communication
– Creating email templates for common tasks

  • Calendar Management

– Scheduling appointments and meetings
– Syncing calendars across platforms
– Managing multiple time zones

  • Transcription

– Transcribing audio and video content
– Editing and proofreading transcriptions
– Tools and software for transcription

  • Lead and Prospect Generation

– Identifying potential clients or leads
– Lead generation strategies
– Creating prospect lists

Day 2

  • Project Management

– Introduction to project management tools
– Task assignment and tracking
– Collaboration with clients and team members

  • CRM Management

– Customer relationship management basics
– Managing client databases
– CRM software overview

Day 3

  • Online Bookkeeping

– Introduction to bookkeeping
– Tracking income and expenses
– Using bookkeeping software

  • Social Media for Business

– Leveraging social media platforms for marketing
– Creating and scheduling social media content
– Social media analytics

Day 4

  • Website Management

– Basic website maintenance
– Content updates and website security
– Website hosting and domain management

  • Search Engine Optimization for Business

– Understanding SEO principles
– SEO tools and analysis
– On-page and off-page SEO techniques

Day 5

  • Customer Service and Support

– Providing excellent customer service
– Handling customer inquiries and complaints
– Building long-term client relationships

  • Telemarketing

– Introduction to telemarketing
– Cold calling techniques
– Telemarketing compliance and ethics


Week Two: Client Acquisition In the second week, you’ll learn how to establish your freelancing brand, secure clients, and set up your virtual assistant business for success.

  • Setting a Freelancing Branding
  • Getting Hired in Freelancing Platforms Setup
  • Creating a VA resume
  • Crafting an Application Proposal
  • Preparing and Nailing a VA Interview
  • Setting up Payments
  • Creating a VA Portfolio
  • Creating a VA Package
  • Getting Clients Tips and Strategies


Day 6

  • Setting a Freelancing Branding

– Branding basics for freelancers
– Defining your unique value proposition
– Creating a brand identity

  • Getting Hired in Freelancing Platforms Setup

– Choosing the right freelancing platforms
– Setting up your profiles
– Creating an attractive freelancer profile

Day 7

  • Creating a VA resume

– Crafting a professional resume for virtual assistant roles
– Highlighting your skills and experiences
– Tailoring your resume for specific job applications

  • Crafting an Application Proposal

– Writing effective job proposals
– Customizing proposals for different clients
– Showcase your skills and value proposition

  • Preparing and Nailing a VA Interview

– Interview preparation tips
– Handling common interview questions
– Demonstrating your virtual assistant expertise

Day 8

  • Setting up Payments

– Payment options for freelancers
– Invoicing and payment tracking
– Ensuring secure and timely payments

  • Creating a VA Portfolio

– Building a portfolio to showcase your work
– Highlighting successful projects
– Presenting your skills and abilities effectively

  • Creating a VA Package

– Packaging your virtual assistant services
– Pricing strategies and structures
– Offering packages to attract clients

Day 9

  • Getting Clients Tips and Strategies

– Strategies for finding and reaching potential clients
– Networking and building relationships
– Marketing your virtual assistant business

Day 10

  • Applications

– Applying in Freelancing Platforms
– Reaching out to Leads



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This F2F (Face-to-Face) hands-on training includes:

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  • In-person class and applications
  • Can work in the center with a Trainer’s guidance
  • Training Certification
  • After Training Perks
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