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What you'll learn


  • Basic computer skills
  • QuickBooks Online account

Training Coverage:

Online Course and Certification Coverage:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Social Media 

  • Understanding the role of social media in modern business
  • Exploring the responsibilities of virtual assistants in managing social media
  • Overview of popular social media platforms and their uses

Lesson 2: Creating an Effective Social Media Strategy

  • Identifying client goals and target audience
  • Developing a comprehensive social media strategy
  • Setting measurable objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs)

Lesson 3: Content Creation and Curation

  • Crafting engaging content for various social media platforms
  • Utilizing visual elements (images, videos, infographics) effectively
  • Curating relevant content from credible sources

Lesson 4: Social Media Management Tools and Resources

  • Introduction to social media management tools 
  • Exploring analytics and monitoring tools for tracking performance
  • Understanding the importance of scheduling and automation

Lesson 5: Community Engagement and Customer Service

  • Strategies for fostering community engagement
  • Handling customer inquiries, feedback, and complaints on social media
  • Maintaining a positive brand image through interactions

Lesson 6: Advertising and Paid Promotion on Social Media

  • Introduction to social media advertising platforms
  • Creating effective ad campaigns targeting specific audiences
  • Budgeting and optimizing ad spend for maximum ROI

Lesson 7: Influencer Marketing and Partnerships

  • Understanding the role of influencers in social media marketing
  • Identifying suitable influencers for collaboration
  • Negotiating partnerships and measuring the effectiveness of influencer campaigns

Lesson 8: Crisis Management and Reputation Management

  • Developing protocols for handling crises and negative publicity on social media
  • Strategies for mitigating reputational damage and regaining trust
  • Case studies of successful and unsuccessful crisis management in social media

Lesson 9: Social Media Trends and Innovation

  • Staying updated on emerging trends and innovations in social media
  • Leveraging new features and functionalities of social media platforms
  • Predicting future trends and adapting strategies accordingly

Lesson 10: Video Marketing for Social Media

  • Understanding the importance of video content in social media marketing
  • Exploring different types of video content 
  • Identifying suitable platforms for video distribution 
  • Leveraging different video content styles
  • Measuring video performance


Bonus Lessons:

Lesson 1: Building Your Portfolio

  • Showcasing social media management skills through a professional portfolio

Lesson 2: Marketing Your Services

  • Creating an effective marketing strategy to attract clients
  • Networking and leveraging online platforms for business growth

Lesson 3: Getting Hired as a Social Media Manager

  • Creating a VA resume, and application letter 
  • Applying in freelancing platforms and VA agencies
  • Proposals, discovery call, and pitches
  • Onboarding process guide

The course has (10) eighteen lessons to be covered within 1 month, on a flexible time, with (3) three bonus lessons. This focused and intensive training is dedicated to giving you an in-depth training application for getting clients. We are confident that you will be client-ready after this!



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