FB Ads Marketing Course

Many businesses are growing their business through Facebook advertising. This is one of the reasons why you need to equip yourself with this expertise. The course will help you create and run Facebook ads strategically.

Enroll in Surge Marketplace‘s Facebook Ads Course and master it to grow your business or your client’s business!

The Surge Marketplace is a leader in online courses innovation in the Philippines. We have been crafting relevant, high-quality, and on-demand online training to leverage your freelancing and business this year, with over 30,000 students around the globe!

Millions are shifting to online jobs today. It is the future of work. One gets to earn BIG fast with the right focus and determination. Surge Marketplace

is devoted to YOUR success, so we pray this promo will HELP you and your family.

    • You have a Coach guiding you throughout the process!
    • Step-by-step lessons
    • Complete Curriculum: Set up and #skills training
    • 24/7 online access to lessons
    • Group collaboration
    • Live sessions
    • Video Lessons
    • Freelancing family
    • Lifetime support
    • One of the lowest freelancing courses in the market with lots of contents
    • No hidden marketing tricks
    • Proven results: 1-2 Surge Marketplace students are hired daily!
    • The Surge Marketplace Heart: Our mission is your success. Our reward is to see you and your family flourish.


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What you'll learn

Training Coverage

  • Introduction to Facebook Marketing
  • Organic & Paid Facebook Campaigns
  • Creating Organic Facebook Campaign
  • Different Types of Facebook Ads
  • Understanding FB Advertising Guidelines
  • Facebook Business Manager vs Ads Manager
  • Setting Up Payment Method
  • Facebook Campaign Creation
  • Basic Copywriting
  • Ads Manager Navigation



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Course Content

This Course includes:

* 21 Video Lessons
* Learning teams
* Lifetime assistance
* With online certification after course completion


Kathy Cabradilla

FVA Coach and Facebook Ads Marketing Course Trainer

Expertise: Skills training, Personality Development Coaching and Marketing Consultancy

Education: BS Medical Technology

*15 years in Sales and Marketing.,
*6 years as a Freelancer/Social Media Manager
*FB Ads Strategist.

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