Basic Virtual Assistant Course


Video on Demand Only
—> P250 – Early Bird Rate (First 50 slots only)
P500 – Promo Rate

With Class Coaching
—> P250 – Early Bird Rate (First 25 slots only)
P1,000 – Promo Rate

With Mentoring
—> P3,000 – Early Bird Rate (First 5 slots only)
P5,000 – Promo Rate

Enrollment Options:

Option A – VOD ONLY: No live coaching sessions, 10 video lessons, online certification, 24/7 email support | 6 months of access
Option B – FULL COURSE: 1 live class coaching session, 10 video lessons, online certification, 24/7 email support | 6 months of access
Options C -WITH MENTORING: 5 hours worth of personalized one-on-one mentoring, 25 video lessons, online certification, 24/7 email support, | 6 months of access

Course Content:

– Self-directed with Coach assistance
– 1 learning group for all mini-courses
– 6 months of course access for each course, lifetime assistance
– Need to submit all required portfolios (as one in one email) for online certification
– No deadlines


What you'll learn

Training Coverage:

  • CS1 – Virtual Assistance Basics
  • CS2 – Virtual Assistance Setup
  • CS3 – Freelancing Platforms
  • CS4 – Virtual Assistance Applications
  • CS5 – Interviews
  • CS6 – Virtual Assistant Payments
  • CS7 – Onboarding Clients
  • CS8 – Virtual Assistant Portfolio
  • CS9 – Virtual Assistant Package
  • CS10 – Virtual Assistant Growth



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Margareth Mary Angeli Serrano

Academic Background:
– BS Agribusiness Economics, University of the Philippines – Mindanao

– Freelancing Course by Coach Julmar Grace Locsin, Filipino Virtual Assistance, Year 2018
– Social Media Marketing and Management In-depth Course by Coach Julmar Grace Locsin, the Year 2018

Expertise and Experience:
– Experienced Real Estate Virtual Assistant
– Experienced Real Estate Residential Property Manager
– Experienced Transaction Coordinator
– DHSUD Accredited Real Estate Salesperson

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