Tips in Choosing a Laptop for Freelancing

Laptop for freelancer – Here are some Important Things to Consider

Choose the right Computer or Laptop for a Freelancer

A computer or laptop for a freelancer is one of the most important tools you need to work online; therefore, selecting a computer with the proper specifications is essential. But how will you know if the laptop you buy is the best for you?

Here’s a list of factors you must consider when choosing a laptop for freelancing.

Random Access Memory

RAM is storage where the CPU stores the programs currently working when running any application. Choosing RAM will depend on your freelance job, whether your task is light or heavy. If you’re doing admin tasks, 4GB RAM is suitable as it will not require more application. Unlike heavy tasks like graphic designing and video editing, you need at least 8GB of RAM to open multiple applications without lag.

Screen Size

The Screen size ranges from 10 inches which are mini-laptops, to 17 inches for professional mobile workstations. The most advisable screen size is 12.5 inches above because the screen will provide comfortable viewing and eliminate eye strain when working long hours. But, for laptops, the most preferred screen size is 14.3 inches so it will not be bulky.


Considering the Central Processing Unit, the more it is high, the more it is costly. Your CPU is the brain of your computer, and choosing the processor will depend on what kind of freelancing job you have and if it’s in line with your budget. 

Suppose you are doing video or photo editing. In that case, it requires the latest processor, which is at least an i5 or i7 processor 4th generation. Still, if you are doing admin tasks, you can buy at least the i3 4th generation up, as you will not be doing heavy tasks.


When choosing a keyboard, ensure you are comfortable typing before purchasing, as you will use it throughout your freelancing career. Check first if it’s waterproof or spill-resistant because there are instances while working you tend to drink coffee, water, or juices. Sometimes you accidentally spill liquids on the keyboard.


Choosing storage is not as important as choosing a processor. However, if you are the kind of person that is particular with storage capacity, purchasing 250 GB up is a good idea if it fits your budget. And, if you have enough budget, you can get an SSD (Solid State Drive) much faster than an HDD (Hard Disk Drive). SSD will make your computer or laptop boot faster compared to HDD.

Battery Life

It determines the battery life by the machine’s capabilities and, if so, how long your laptop will stay before it drains. Most new laptops nowadays will take 3-6 hours before they drain. Make sure to choose a long-lasting battery life to perform your tasks in the long run. The beauty of batteries is that they are the cheapest hardware parts and are easy to replace.

I hope you learn a lot about the things to consider when selecting a computer or laptop that will help you start a career as a freelancer. Always remember that consulting an IT professional is the best option when you need to know the proper specs you need. This is because it will help make your freelancing jobs convenient and practical.

You have the potential. Whatever happens, you keep moving forward.

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