How to Write your Freelancing Resume

Creating a freelancing resume is one of the essential things to learn in becoming a freelancer. Unlike the typical resume (for application in a corporate setup), in the freelancing resume, you need to present data relevant to your freelancing career. Together with your cover letter, this document must demonstrate your intent and eagerness for the open position. This is because you will be providing the first impression to the client with these documents.

What is a Freelancing Resume?

A freelancing resume focuses more on the skills you have as a self-employed. In addition, you’ll be showcasing your most hireable skills as a freelancer. As a result, your resume will catch the client’s attention. Then, the client will hire you.                                              


How to Create a Freelancing Resume?

While there are many online freelancing resume templates, it is essential to create a plan before creating your resume as a freelancer. How to create a resume that stands out as a freelancer? Check these five tips here:

1. Model your resume after the desired job description

Check for possible keywords that you will add to your resume in the job description. In addition, make a list of skills and qualifications and use only those in line with your skills and experience. Then, supplement your resume with these relevant data.  

2. Find a template that works

Organize your freelancing resume to convey your history best, be it as a self-employed contractor or otherwise. A traditional resume lists experience in chronological order. However, on your freelancing resume, you might have multiple small contracts. So, you should add your top three freelance experiences (from the last three months) to your resume. There are various freelancing resume templates, and each of these may vary based on its purpose. You can check this link: to see hundreds of FREE freelancing resume templates.

3. Fill out your contact information and portfolio

Add your name, contact information, email address, and address at the topmost part of your resume. In addition, if you have a website or a link to your portfolio, add it below your contact information. This way, the client can glimpse your sample works without requesting.

4. Highlight your most relevant skills in your objective or summary

Next to your contact details is your objective or summary. This section is the perfect spot to describe your professional goals and show how they align with the business. Also, in the freelance resume summary, you can mention your previous work experiences. On top of that, you can describe your best skills or the ones you found in the job description. Take note to always keep your summary or objective to one or three sentences only.

5. Give a detailed description of your skills

Let’s say you decide to write your resume in a nontraditional format. Then you may want to consider using an alternative to a standard skills list. Organize your skills by themes in your resume, create an infographic, or rate your levels of expertise. And, you can describe your skills based on your work experiences. Together with a cover letter, your resume is one of your tickets to getting hired. And creating an effective one is crucial, so you need to organize it properly. Other tips that will help you in creating your freelancing resume are:

  • Describe your achievements using action words such as “plan,” “won,” and “improved.”
  • Tailor your resume to the position you’re applying for.
  • Research the best practices for resumes in your industry for industry-specific advice.
  • Emphasize your best, most relevant skills.
  • Provide samples of positive feedback from your previous contracts.

Now, are you ready to start creating your freelancing resume? And if you need to get started with your freelancing career, enroll in Surge’s Freelancing (Virtual Assistance) Course. This holistic online training will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed for your freelancing.

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