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Welcome to Surge Marketplace Franchising

Surge Marketplace is an FVA Business Consultancy Corporation company. It is the world’s one-stop freelancing marketplace where companies and independent contractors can meet and find training, services, and solutions. Surge is a tech social enterprise dedicated to improving the quality of life, commerce, and sustainability. It is a registered company under the Philippines’ Security and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The Surge Marketplace franchising started in 2018. This was initiated to bring the brand’s heart to helping people in different localities. As of 2021, Surge has franchisees in the Philippines and around the world. We desire to bring this very Surge mission through franchising where Franchisees can see Surge courses and earn in the process of being a Surge brand representative in a territory.


Surge offers franchising for its freelancing courses. Surge Marketplace is the authority when it comes to freelancing courses. We started offering freelancing online training and coaching in 2016 and have trained more than 35,000 over the last 5 years. Today, we have 50+ courses and our graduates are experiencing time and financial freedom because of our online courses.


  1. Surge Marketplace is the only portfolio-based freelancing training in the world as of date. We mirror real freelancing tasks in the lessons and the portfolios with feedback, positioning students to have an edge and become competitive in the marketplace.
  2. The Surge Marketplace curriculums are thorough and prepared with experts to ensure that there is quality and relevance.
  3. There is guided and personalized training.
  4. There is support from a community of freelancers and experts.
  5. The Surge Marketplace courses are constantly updated to stay effective in the emerging world of freelancing.


You can franchise all of the Surge Marketplace courses in different packages. Our course is the Freelancing Course that teaches people how to start working as a virtual assistant. This will be the main course given in each of the franchise packages. This course can come with all the courses, with the in-depth courses only, or with the mini-courses only. Please go here to see details and coverage of each course: http://academy.surgedigital.agency/.

Main Course:

  1. Freelancing (Virtual Assistant) Course
  • 4 live coaching sessions
  • 25 video lessons
  • Online certification
  • 24/7 email support
  • 12 months access

CHECK SURGE MARKETPLACE COURSES’ INFO: https://academy.surgedigital.agency/

  1. In-Depth Courses
  • 2-4 live coaching sessions
  • 7-25 video lessons
  • Online certification
  • 24/7 email support
  • 12 months access

CHECK SURGE MARKETPLACE COURSES’ INFO: https://academy.surgedigital.agency/

  • No live coaching sessions
  • 3-10 video lessons
  • Online certification
  • 24/7 email support
  • 6 months access

CHECK SURGE MARKETPLACE COURSES’ INFO: https://academy.surgedigital.agency/


Yes, you can pay, be the franchise owner and hire a trainer who will cover the freelancing course coaching activities for you.
(Please keep the territories part on the site)



Franchising Requirements

The following are needed to be an Surge Marketplace franchisee:

1. Training – You need to be a graduate of the course/s you want to franchise. If you are only the franchise owner and not the trainer/coach, you can have the trainer/coach do the training.

2. College Degree – The Surge Marketplace trainer/coach needs to be a graduate of any degree. It is one of the coach’s roles to check assignments, correct grammar rules, and establish the students’ freelancing branding. Thus, the coach needs to be a college graduate to effectively guide students towards online job success.

3. Territory – Territories are areas (cities/provinces, a total of 10M population of the target market) each franchisee can focus on marketing. This will allow the franchisee to establish authority in the chosen location. Territories also ensure Surge Marketplace franchisee’s profits as there will be no overlapping of marketing places.

4. Course – The franchisee needs to communicate what course/s will be franchised.

Available Territories

per Course


  1. South Luzon – Taken for the Freelancing and Social Media courses, other courses are not yet franchised
  2. North Luzon – Available for all courses
  3. Metro Manila – Taken for the Freelancing Course, other courses are not yet franchised
  4. Central Luzon – Available for all courses
  5. Central Visayas – Available for all courses
  6. Eastern Visayas –  Taken for the Freelancing Course, other courses are not yet franchised
  7. Western Visayas – Available
  8. Western Mindanao – Available for all courses
  9. Eastern Mindanao – Taken for the Facebook ads Marketing Course and Basic FB Marketing Mini-Course, other courses are not yet franchised


  1. China – Available
  2. Hongkong – Available
  3. Taiwan – Available
  4. Brunei – Available
  5. Cambodia – Available
  6. East Timor – Available
  7. Indonesia – Available
  8. Malaysia – Available
  9. Myanmar – Available
  10. Singapore – Available
  11. Thailand – Available
  12. Vietnam- Available
  13. Japan – Available
  14. India – Available
  15. South Korea – Available
  16. Pakistan – Available
  17. Other Asian Nations – Available

Middle East

  1. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Taken for the Freelancing Course, other courses are not yet franchised
  2. The United Arab Emirates – Taken for the Freelancing Course, other courses are not yet franchised
  3. Qatar – Taken for the Freelancing Course, other courses are not yet franchised
  4. Other nations – Available


  • Canada – Taken for the Freelancing Course, other courses are not yet franchised

United States

  1. California – Available
  2. Florida – Available
  3. Others States – Available


  • All Nations Available


  1. Italy – Taken for the Freelancing Course, other courses are not yet franchised
  2. Germany – Available
  3. Other nations – Available

Payment and Terms

* You can be based in another location outside your current address. Please contact us for more information.


  • Franchising Package A
    • Freelancing Course + All Surge Marketplace Courses
    • Php 1,000,000
  • Franchising Package B
    • Freelancing Course + All In-Depth Courses
    • Php 700,000
  • Franchising Package C
    • Freelancing Course + All Mini-Courses
    • Php 500,000



  • VOD Access
  • Premium Memberships

Franchising Royalty: 20% per student after 2 coaching months


STAGE 1: Registration – (Branding, Territory, and Certification)
STAGE 2: Franchising Setup – (Franchising Social Media and Marketing and Webpage Setup)
STAGE 3: Launch – (Coaching Lounge, Coaching Video Lessons, Marketing Guides, and Bi-Weekly 121s with Grace).

* Can be paid in full
* Can be paid per stage
* Full payment package covers all set up for the Freelancing Course.

Franchising Perks And Benefits

  • Help people while earning
  • Same benefits for all students
  • Merchandise freebies
  • Affiliate marketing (if applied)
  • Free access to all other courses
  • Mental health coaching
  • Bonus via performance appraisal
  • Franchising support
  • Marketing assistance
  • Operations assistance

How To Get Started?

  1. Email hello@surgedigital.agency or fill out the form below to share your interest or learn more.
  2. Discovery Call
  3. Training 
  4. Payment
  5. Start of Franchising Setup

Be A Surge Marketplace Franchisee Today!

The gig economy is expected to grow and millions of remote workers will be needing the training they need to stay competitive in the market. Let’s position ourselves to be that “competitive advantage” for these freelancers. 🙂

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