Tips to Become an Effective Leader

Excellent Leadership: Essential Qualities of an Effective Leader

Qualities of an Excellent Leadership

We see different facets of leadership being portrayed in our society nowadays. To name a few, we have politicians, government officials, spiritual leaders, social media influencers, and even ordinary people who take extraordinary steps to create a difference.  Leadership can be a powerful tool to influence, inspire and change the lives of others. With the sphere of influence a leader has, one has the authority to create an impact either positively or negatively. Regardless of how crucial it is to be in leadership, many are wanting to be in the position. But what is true leadership anyway? Let’s take a look at the excellent leadership essential qualities which a leader should possess to become effective in the position:

Practices of an Excellent Leadership


Have a Clear Vision 

Leadership expert Warren Bennis once stated, “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”. You need to be clear about what you want and where you’re heading.  A vision is a picture you have in your mind which directs your thoughts on what you want to achieve whether in your business, career, or family. An effective leader has a well-defined vision that allows her to focus on achieving her goals despite being confronted with various challenges along the way.

Thinking More of Others and Less of Yourself 

Rick Warren says, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is about thinking of yourself less” It can be tempting sometimes to be enamored by status and positions especially when you are in leadership.  One of the qualities of a good leader is simply removing your ego from the equation. It is not just about “ME” but it is about “WE” in the process. If people around feel their importance and value, they will undoubtedly become a strong player in the team which then leads to success.

You are NOT Perfect – And that’s Ok 

When you become a leader you will happen to be in the limelight. Your life becomes an open book. You get people to see all of you, your scars, your flaws- but it’s ok. You don’t need to be perfect to please everyone. Everyone commits mistakes and likewise you.  But the good thing about making mistakes is that they can be corrected and becomes an instrument to help other people not to take the same path as you did.

You are NOT the Whole Ship – You are Just Part of It

Out of the very many lessons that leading can teach us, the most important lesson that we should never forget is that leaders are never the whole team –they are just part of the team, the same as the rest of the group. You could be leading your classmates in a group, you could be leading your staff in a team, you could be leading employees in your business, or your students in school as a teacher. May it be a small or big team, never forget that your role is to lead and facilitate, never to control and dictate. You are linked to the rest of your team, respect them and make them grow!

Now if you think you have all these excellent leadership essential qualities and traits of a good leader to become an effective leader, you’re already a way to go to become a successful influencer who creates an impact in the lives of others. Create a difference. Make an impact. Be a blessing.

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– Written by: Robbie Jean Lorenzo, FVA Coach – Central and West Visayas

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