Tips to Delegate Tasks with a Virtual Assistant

How to Delegate Tasks with a Virtual Assistant

Delegating tasks with a virtual assistant is a strategic approach today. This is because many business owners saw and experienced the opportunities of embracing VAs into their teams. As a business owner, you can only accomplish some of the tasks. Thus, delegating tasks and responsibilities is a great option. Thanks to the advancement of technology, virtual assistants are coming into the picture, providing help and value to business owners like you.

What does Delegate Mean?

To delegate means to entrust duties and responsibilities to someone, like a virtual assistant or a freelancer. Also, it is a process where you give someone authority and control over some tasks in your business to achieve a goal such as productivity, effectiveness, or efficiency.

What are the Benefits when you Delegate Tasks with a Virtual Assistant?

Since the pandemic outbreak, many companies have embraced task delegation with a virtual assistant. These services are increasingly in demand nowadays and will continue to grow even post-pandemic. Why do some businesses consider outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant as a business strategy? A study reveals that outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant can save your business up to 78% in operational costs compared to hiring a full-time employee.

Further, a virtual assistant is equipped with education, training, knowledge, and digital expertise. As a result, virtual assistants make excellent employees if you need talented employees in your team.

Most importantly, delegating tasks improves workplace productivity and efficiency.

What are the Right Ways to Delegate Tasks with a Virtual Assistant?

There are five essentials for effective outsourcing with a virtual assistant:

1. Hire the right person for the job

Delegating tasks to someone incapable of doing them right or on time is unsuitable for your business. Also, choosing someone unfit for the job will complicate things instead of reaching the goals.

To glimpse what the virtual assistant can provide you, check the virtual assistant’s previous performances through output samples. This way, you will know the VA’s experience and how excellent the previous works are.

How to know if the Virtual Assistant is fit for the role? Check this guide here.

2. Describe how to perform the job

Explain to the VA what your preferred method of working is. Furthermore, describe how you or others have accomplished the task.

As a result, you will receive VA services that meet your needs. However, there are instances where you might collaborate with your VA and develop a more effective way to finish a task. This is the reason why communication is imperative to the process of effectively delegating tasks with a Virtual Assistant.

3. Give the virtual assistant a chance to feedback

This is the perfect way to let the VA share what they think of your instructions. Because of the VA’s experience and training, they might possess the expertise you have yet to see or hear of. In addition, getting feedback is an avenue for collaboration. Thus, they will develop better, more innovative strategies for fulfilling their roles.

4. Set a Deadline

It would be best to assign a deadline and schedule for completing the task. Additionally, set aside time for an evaluation to assess what difficulties the VA encountered. 

In delegating tasks with a Virtual Assistant, there might be communication barriers. Yet, set a regular schedule for assessment, and use the right communication tools to do it effectively. So, you will then provide the VA an opportunity to give feedback and raise questions and clarifications. 

Often, there are times the VA experiences delay. So, ask for the hindrances and learn how the VA copes with such a situation. 

5. Ensure the virtual assistant agrees with what needs to be done

After you have chosen the best virtual assistant for the job, discuss the deliverables and deadlines. In doing so, you are clearly showing what the VA will deliver.

Furthermore, a VA that understands and agrees on the work that must be done will do its best to deliver the output on time and in excellent shape.

Delegate Tasks and Responsibilities to a Virtual Assistant

Delegating tasks with a virtual assistant can be a big decision to make. Yet, investing with a VA is phenomenal for you to scale up your business. And if you’re ready to delegate tasks with a virtual assistant, sign up with Surge here: and prepare to revolutionize your business potential.

Why hire a Virtual Assistant with Surge? Check here.

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