Surge Marketplace Affiliate Program Frequently Asked Questions

You may pay ₱500.00 PHP for the first-month trial, then ₱2500 PHP after the trial, valid for one year. You may view this page to see the payment options: https://courses.thesurgemarketplace/affiliate-payment-method/

You may check this page to see the available payment options:

You will receive an email once your affiliate application has been approved containing the default password you can use to log in.

You need to accept the terms to activate and access your affiliate dashboard here by doing the following steps:

  1. Log out on the academy site if you’re currently logged in.
  2. Login with another browser with your access to accept the terms and conditions of the Approved affiliate registration under the Surge Academy platform

You can view your affiliate link when you log in on your Affiliate Dashboard. By default, your affiliate link will be in this format:

Upon registration, you will be asked to input your affiliate name. We can create a personalized link for you using the affiliate name and we will send it to your email. If you were not able to indicate this on your registration, you may send us an email at so we can create a personalized affiliate link for you.

Just go to your Affiliate Dashboard and Edit Profile. You may nominate a new password and update all your details.

Go to your Affiliate Dashboard and click on Creatives. You will see the available creatives including designed images for you. Just copy your Affiliate HTML snippet to embed to your website or blog post. If you need help with this, send us an email at

You will receive a 10% commission for every successful purchase of any of the Surge Marketplace Academy courses using your affiliate link.

You will be paid bi-monthly, every 16th of the month and 2nd day of the following month. Please note that the minimum payout amount is P2000.

You may select from Paypal transfer or Manual transfer. Make sure to provide the Account to be credited on the Registration form or input your Paypal email address upon logging in to your dashboard. You can also update this information in your Affiliate Dashboard.

Your affiliate dashboard will be deactivated until the payment has been made.

You will be paid after each successful transaction from your Affiliate referral. Our team will receive and review the payments from the course/s purchase and process their enrollment. Once the payment and enrollment have been successfully processed, you will be credited and receive a notification. Please take note however that affiliate members are not allowed to use their affiliate link to purchase and process the enrollment on others’ behalf in order to gain earnings on their accounts.

One possible reason for this is that when the affiliate link is being shared via Facebook or Messenger, the thumbnail image generates extra characters in the URL. As a workaround, please advise your referrals to copy-paste the exact affiliate link you have provided on a browser (instead of clicking on the generated thumbnail image) to keep the original format of your affiliate link just to make sure that it works.

It would also be best if you can have your own landing page for sharing your affiliate links instead of directly sharing them via social media to keep the correct format of the affiliate URL.

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